Two-Dimensional Periodic Composite Structure for Acoustic Sensor of Volumetric Properties of Liquids

The object of the study is acoustic metamaterial, which is a steel matrix with a periodic two-dimensional system of cylindrical cavities filled with hydrocarbon mixture. The induced resonances of fluid in cylindrical cavities of the periodic structure are studied for application in liquid fuel sensors. Theoretical studies of the structure show the possibility of exciting axisymmetric and spinning resonance modes in it in the frequency range with a high reflection coefficient of the structure, which manifest themselves as windows with a narrow bandwidth. Experimental studies confirm the existence of such resonances, and the asymmetric resonance mode is more evident. Measurements of various mixtures of gasoline and ethanol show that the sensor has significant sensitivity for distinguishing between conventional fuels, gasoline-based mixtures and the presence of additives in standard fuels.

Authors: N.V.Mukhin, D.N.Redka, S.A.Tarasov, A.Yu.Oseev, S.Hirsch

Direction: Приборы и системы измерения на основе акустических, оптических и радио волн

Keywords: Periodic composite structures, phononic crystals, structural resonance, liquid composition sensor

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