Modified Bancroft Algorithm for Multilateration Systems

In multilateration systems, Bancroft algorithm is often used to estimate the location of objects. This algorithm is syn-thesized for satellite navigation systems. The algorithm allows to obtain the location estimation by means of direct method and does not require significant computing costs. These properties set it apart from algorithms using optimization approaches. However, according to the results of computer simulation, the accuracy of estimation yielded by the algorithm can be several times worse than potentially enable one. The article proposes a method for modifying the Bancroft algorithm. Modification involves refining the Bancroft estimates by applying the method of small perturbations. The article shows that the use of the proposed modification allows to increase the accuracy of estimates by 2.5–3 times and to make it equal to the Cramer-Rao boundary. At the same time, the complexity of the modified algorithm grows in-significantly.

Authors: A. A. Monakov

Direction: Радиолокация и радионавигация

Keywords: Radio Navigation, Multilateration, Position Estimation, Bancroft Algorithm

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