Antenna Array Construction Synthesis

The problem of linear antenna construction synthesize is first formulated and solved. Linear antenna consists of antenna array (AR) and power divider (PD). Linear omnidirectional AR with cosecant pattern is synthesized using partial-beam method. Beam-forming scheme for this antenna is based on two directional unequal splitters. The article proposes itera-tive method considering AR and beam-forming scheme mutual effect in terms of scattering matrix. Synthesis results demonstrate rapid convergence of the process and provide optimal pattern.

Authors: V.V.Nikitin, A.D.Frantsuzov

Direction: Электродинамика, микроволновая техника, антенны

Keywords: Linear Antenna Array Synthesis, Cosecant Pattern, Beam-Forming Scheme, Iterative Process Beam-Forming Scheme Synthesis, Scattering Matrix

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