Signal Synchronization, Collection and Transmission for Multichannel Distribution Seismic Antenna

Creation of seismic antennas involves production of a system capable to provide synchronous analog-to- digital data signal conversion of all channels and to broadcast digitized signals to the central computing complex (CCC). The article considers a structure of data transmission system from a big number of sources for application in seismic antennas. Moreover, it provides possible ways of preprocessing equipment (PE) unit arrangement in separate hermetic blocks to facilitate their replacement. Besides, the options for PE unit structural and functional schemes are offered. Application of specific chips is explained. The review of the most widespread types of digital convertors is given and the optimal one is chosen for application in hydro acoustic complexes. The option of synchronization with the use of phase-locked loop PLL units is offered. Configuration of data transmission system with the use of Ethernet switchboard setting optimal data transmission protocol is considered.

Authors: A.D.Volodin, A.L.Efimenko, A.V.Gorlin, D.A.Kuzmin

Direction: Электродинамика, микроволновая техника, антенны

Keywords: Seismic Testing, Seismograph, Seismic Antenna, Data Transmission, Digitized, ADC Synchronization, FPGA, Ethernet

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