Influence of Synchronization Signal Inaccuracy on DVB-T2 Local Content Insertion

The article is aimed at specifying criteria of synchronization signal inaccuracy when DVB-T2 system local content replacement cannot be carried out. Some settings of digital information stream are set as the initial data. The first part of the article specifies network delay calculation method. The second part of the article considers the signal cycle instability impact on estimation of local content device delay during its insertion in global information flow. Network delay saw-toothlike dependence on time is revealed, statistical parameters of synchronization signal instability are specified. The third part of the article deals with analysis of method of substitution of two independent information flows by regionalization device. A model of T2 superframes comprising baseband frames (BB frames) which belong to different physical layer pipes (PLP) is described. The conditions under which the local information insertion becomes impossible are defined. Besides, the article considers other reasons of failure during single frequency networks (SFN) processing of local content insertion dealing with synchronization error at different stages of information flow digital content generation and delivery to DVB-T2.

Authors: O.V.Kuharskaya, E.Z.Savin

Direction: Телевидение и обработка изображений

Keywords: Regionalization of Content, T2-MI Digital Stream, the Signal of Synchronization, Timestamp, T2 Super Frame, Physical Layer Pipes, Network Delay, Inaccuracy, the Device of Local Content Insertion.

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