Modeling of Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Porous Materials Organized by Means of Nanosphere Self-Assembly

The article considers possibilities of using modeling for the development of two promising areas of modern nanomaterials, i. e. materials with a hierarchy of pores organized hierarchical self-assembly and hierarchical structures with nanoporous elements. The pore size of hierarchical structures was estimated by means of quasi-two-dimensional projection of three-dimensional deterministic fractal Julien aggregate. Three-dimensional modeling of hierarchical structures organized by means of nanosphere self-assembly was conducted in the Autodesk 3ds Max environment. The article provides analysis of dependences of porosity, density, specific surface area of fractal structures on the size of aggregates (with the appearance of new pore levels of hierarchical materials), dependences of the porosity change in the case of replacement of primary identical spherical particles on porous spheres.

Authors: Kononova I.E., Moshnikov V.A., Kononov P.V.

Direction: Микро- и наноэлектроника

Keywords: Hierarchical Porous Materials, Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Nanospheres, Fractal Aggregates, Three-Dimensional Deterministic Fractal Julien Aggregate, Porosity and Fractal Density

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