Suppression of Side Lobe Signals Based on Compound Barker Codes

A method of side lobe suppression for PSK signals based on the compound Barker codes with a small number of distinct weights is considered. Mismatched filters are then used in cascade with the matched filter to suppress the side lobes. The mismatched filter is based on an implementation of inverse of the autocorrelation function of the compound Barker code used. The technique of SNR loss estimation of compound Barker codes is presented. The different combinations of com-pound Barker codes with SNR losses not exceeding 1dB are given. The possibility to increase processing gain up to the value of 106 is described.

Authors: V. A. Syanov

Direction: Радиолокация и радионавигация

Keywords: Autocorrelation Function, Transfer Function, Inverse Filter, Compound Barker Codes

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