Adaptive Control of Short-Wave Data Transmission System Parameters

We consider a problem of adaptive parameter selection of short-wave data transmission systems such as information signal type, noise combating code type and parameters, operating frequency in case of step-by-step control of transmis-sion process in dynamically changing conditions of radio wave propagation and interference environment. We have ob-tained explicit expressions of objective functions for reaching the maximum information rate of data transmission and maximum probability of exact message delivery within the time not exceeding the given time. The distinguishing feature of the objective functions is the fact that they do not depend on threshold values established subjectively. The feasibility of the suggested algorithms is guaranteed due to the fact that all the original data required for adaptive control includ-ing information on standby frequencies are formed with the given accuracy during information exchange by means of analyzing working signals and secondary decoding products.

Authors: V. V. Egorov

Direction: Системы, сети и устройства телекоммуникаций

Keywords: Data Transmission Systems over Short-Wave Radio Channel, Multiparametric Adaptation, Efficiency Criteria

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