Penetration Effect of an Uniaxial Anisotropic Medium with Magnetic Anisotropy

The propagation of plane harmonic wave parallel to the boundary between vacuum and uniaxial anisotropic medium is considered. The so-called penetration effect is described. It is shown that bulk wave must exist in anisotropic medium, and reflected wave must propagate perpendicular to the interface. Behavior of two types of waves within anisotropic me-dium is studied: an ordinary wave and an extraordinary wave behavior. For the case considered, the reflection and transmission coefficients are obtained. It is interesting to note that in case of extraordinary wave the reflection coefficient is equal to zero. Besides, surface charges and surface currents are found to exist at the interface in case of ordinary and extraordinary waves respectively. Note that all expressions are derived directly from the Maxwell’s equations by means of accurate algebraic transformation.

Authors: К. А. Vytovtov

Direction: Электродинамика, микроволновая техника, антенны

Keywords: Uniaxial Anisotropic Medium, Penetration Effect, Reflection Coefficient, Transmission Coefficient.

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