Study of Parameters Affecting Breakdown Voltage of Bipolar Static Induction Transistor

The article considers structural and technological parameters affecting breakdown voltage of a BSIT transistor cell. The main objective of the scientific research in that field is optimization of manufacturing techniques of power electronics transistor configurations in order to improve the instrument output characteristics and reliability. One of the key electri-cal parameters characterizing this instrument is breakdown voltage. In p-n junction at specific value of reverse bias the breakdown effect is present that appears as sharp increase of reverse current in p-n junction. For thermal breakdown to occur the thermal self-heating of the structure is necessary. It takes place in case of considerable reverse current in p-n junction. Typically, thermal breakdown happens after tunnel or avalanche breakdown of p-n junction. Breakdown voltage of real diffused p-n junction is defined by value of avalanche breakdown voltage of spherical part of the junction. Thus, breakdown voltage of p-n of junction strongly depends on its geometry.

Authors: T.A.Ismailov, A.R.Shakhmaeva, B.A.Shangereeva

Direction: Проектирование и технология радиоэлектронных средств

Keywords: Transistor, Instrument, Technology, Parameters, Characteristic, Structure, Voltage, Gate, Source

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