The Module for Predicting Complications after Bone Marrow Transplantation in Children with Leukemia

The paper presents the program module that estimates the probability of complications after the bone marrow trans-plantation. The shown approach is based on a logistic regression. The medical database containing the records of 155 patients aged from 5 to 21 is used. The program module contains a detailed graphical representation of the results in the form of a ROC curve, the calculated values of true and false predictions as well as likelihood ratio of the obtained val-ues. The areas of reliable and unreliable predictions as well as the area where predictions are impossible are highlighted on the chart.

Authors: S.V.Nikiforov, B.I.Smirnov

Direction: Приборы медицинского назначения, контроля среды, веществ, материалов и изделий

Keywords: Bone Marrow Transplantation, Complications Prediction, Logistic Regression, ROC-Analysis, Sensitivity, Specificity, True Forecast, False Forecast, Odds Ratio, Risk Ratio, Confidence Interval, Program Module

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