Comparison of Antennas Electrical Tuning Methods for Mobile Applications

The various methods of antenna electrical tuning for mobile handsets working in several LTE frequency bands are de-scribed. The PIFA-type antenna containing high and low frequency branches is proposed. A tuning element is connected to the low-frequency branch. The proposed antenna operates at one of four low-frequency bands depending on the tuning el-ement switching states, keeping tuning to the high-frequency band. A digitally tunable capacitor, a varactor and a p–i–n-diode are used as a tuning element. Comparison of simulation results demonstrates that the p-i-n diode provides the best performance showing antenna radiation efficiency 36…60 % in the low frequency bands and 78 % in the high fre-quency band. The antenna simulation is performed by RFS computer code.

Authors: A.D.Grigoriev, B.Djalilov

Direction: Электродинамика, микроволновая техника, антенны

Keywords: Antenna, Variable Capacitor, Varactor, p–i–n-Diode, Computer Simulation

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