Antenna Array with Switchable Radiation Pattern for Mobile Communications Systems

The characteristics of different architectures antenna arrays with switchable radiation pattern (RP) are investigated. The results of design and development of S-band antenna systems with switchable RP based on planar emitters are present-ed. The obtained solution minimizes the size and the irregularity of RP in the azimuth plane while providing the required antenna gain. The results of measurements of a prototype are given that demonstrate the possibility of Wi-Fi router input signal increasing up to 10 dB compared to standard antennas.

Authors: G.A.Kostikov, P.V.Terentyeva

Direction: Электродинамика, микроволновая техника, антенны

Keywords: Antenna with Switchable Radiation Pattern, Wi-Fi-Antenna, S-Band, Planar Antenna, Circular Antenna Array

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