Investigation of Aluminum Substituted Single-Crystal Barium Lead Hexaferrites Ba1-xPbxFe12-yAlyO19 Grown by Flux Technique

Microwave properties of aluminum substituted single-crystal barium lead hexaferrites Ba1-хPbхFe12-yAlyO19 (x ≤ 0.2 and y ≤ 2.7) grown by flux technique have been investigated for the first time. It is shown that ferromagnetic resonance frequencies are in the range 80…100 GHz at magnetic fields of 4.5 kOe. The width of ferromagnetic resonance curve varies from 150 Oe to 550 Oe and depends on the degree of aluminum substitution.

Authors: D.A.Vinnik, I.A.Ustinova, A.B.Ustinov

Direction: Микро- и наноэлектроника

Keywords: Hexagonal ferrites, ferromagnetic resonance

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