Photoconductivity Spectra of Amorphous Hydrogenated Silicon Films with Nanocrystalline Inclusions

The technique for the study of amorphous hydrogenated silicon films with nanocrystalline inclusions non-uniformly distributed through the thickness (pm-Si:H) deposited on glass substrates is devised. Photocurrent spectra for the films of various thicknesses are studied when illuminated from the free film surface and from of the glass substrate. The presence of residual photoconductivity and two peaks in photoconductivity spectra of the films are determinated that, apparently, indicates the presence of crystalline and amorphous phases in the films.

Authors: V.P.Afanasjev, A.V.Vasiljev

Direction: Квантовая, твердотельная, плазменная и вакуумная электроника

Keywords: pm-Si:H, Photocurrent Spectrum, Residual Photoconductivity

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