Bionic acoustic systems and devices

The biosensor echolocation system of cetaceans is briefly considered. The general schemes of construction and exci-tation of ultra-wideband antennas, composed of rod two-section transducers with phased excitation, and also transduc-ers waveguide type using the management PC, are resulted. Possibility of reception of a pass-band of an order of 2–3 oc-taves and radiations of these models of echolocation and communication signals of dolphins and Beluga whales, and also - ultra-short acoustic impulses reconstructed on frequency in the specified band of frequencies is shown.

Authors: B. G. Stepanov

Direction: Приборы и системы измерения на основе акустических, оптических и радио волн

Keywords: Echolocation system of cetaceans, transducer of waveguide type, rod transducer with the phase excitation, short acoustic signal

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