The Influence of Mutual Coupling Effect on the Radiation Pattern Characteristics of the Nulling Phased Antenna Array

The influence of the mutual coupling effect between the antenna array radiators on the characteristics of the radia-tion pattern was investigated. It was demonstrated that the mutual coupling between the array elements causes a redis-tribution of the radiator currents, which results in degradation of the nulling performance, which is extremely sensitive to the excitation perturbations. The technique for reducing the negative effect of mutual coupling was proposed. This meth-od is based on introducing the initial excitation current predistortions calculated using the matrix of mutual impedanc-es.

Авторы: D. S. Kozlov

Направление: Электродинамика, микроволновая техника, антенны

Ключевые слова: Adaptive antenna array, phased antenna array, jamming suppression, mutual coupling

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