Investigation of the Active Oscillation System Microwave Properties Based on a Ferrite Time Delay Line

The complex transmission coefficient of the active ring resonators based on the spin-wave delay lines was investi-gated both theoretically and experimentally. Influence of the parameters of the delay line on the transmission coefficients was studied and analyzed. It was shown that the resonant frequencies that define the passbands of the ring resonator depend on the ferrite film thickness and the distance between spin-wave antennae. These dependences give possibility to reconfigure the transmission coefficient that in combination with magnetic tuning provide flexibility for microwave applications.

Authors: M.I.Martynov, An.A.Nikitin, A.B.Ustinov

Direction: Радиотехнические средства передачи, приема и обработки сигналов

Keywords: Active oscillation system, spin wave, ferrite film

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